Operations Manager

Salary: £24,500 - £28,000

Hours: 35 hours/week

Closing date: 2nd July 2018

To download an application form, job description and supporting information please click on the links below or email Mark Pickett:

Role Description:  We are looking for an Operations Manager to help us to implement a vision that responds to; the discipleship needs of the members of the church, the desire for a variety of forms of accessible Christian worship, the current and future outreach and witnessing opportunities in the town, and the challenge of being a Resourcing Church with the diocese.

We are looking for someone who will:

  • ensure the effective and smooth running of the church
  • contribute to the development and implementation of vision
  • co-ordinate and plan services, worship, discipleship and teaching events across St James' worshipping communities
  • act as a key enabler in developing Clitheroe St James as a Resourcing Church in the Diocese, by building links with other churches and facilitating the resource sharing
  • provide effective administration and communication both internally and externally.

You will be:

  • people orientated, flexible, friendly and a team player, with good inter-personal skills
  • able to juggle multiple demands, set achievable targets and help others to work to agreed priorities
  • able to work from big picture to details, in order to implement projects to the point of completion
  • proficient with computing packages.

St James’ Church, Clitheroe, is a large and growing church with 200+ church members currently gathering each week for worship in three congregations. We are a busy and active church with around 100 meeting in small groups and a growing number of other teams, ministries, and small groups serving in the life of the church and community. We increasingly believe that God has called us to serve and bless the local community in order to extend God’s kingdom. We want to connect, change and transform as we grow disciples and engage with the community.

Our five-year vision looks to:

  • build and sustain multiple worshipping communities throughout the week, some based in the church building, others based elsewhere in the town
  • sustained and grow the church through a culture of invitation and welcome, and a culture that seeks to enable the Holy Spirit to act through the lives of all its multi-generational members
  • develop a connective outreach mission across the town and Ribble Valley, looking to meet the physically, social, and emotional needs of our communities with the love, grace and truth of the gospel
  • ensure that new, growing and mature Christians are linked into effective and appropriate discipleship
  • establishes an enabling leadership structure which encourages and motivates people to engage with the Holy Spirit, to regularly take a step forward in their faith, and to live out their ministry
  • share its hope, resources, leadership capacity and capability, skills, knowledge and experience with churches in and beyond the Ribble Valley as they seek to form and develop more effective worshipping and discipleship communities in their contexts.

To understand our values and ethos please visit our website where you can also find supporting information, application form and job description.