File retention policy

Does anyone have a file retention policy they'd be willing to share? We recently had an issue with a "Subject Access Request" from a previous church member requiring us to send him all personal data that we have on file for him from a period 12-14 years ago. It turns out that we have caused ourselves problems by having retained rather too many documents. On the other hand there are good reasons for us to have retained some for some time. So knowing what other churches do would be most helpful please.  Simon Jones

Training Contracts

I am putting together a training contract for use when expensive training is requested and we might want to ensure that the church gets value for money from this training and may want money paid back if the trainee either doesn't finish the course or leaves soon after completing it. Does anyone have anything similar that I could have a look at ? Many thanks. Isabel Plimmer

Business Risk Register

I have been tasked with preparing a business risk register for us. I am not talking about Risk Assessments I am looking at what happens if we have a fire, treasurer gets run over, church attracts adverse media publicity etc. I am hoping that others may have had to prepare one and if so may be willing to share it with me. If so please can you contact me on 01920487267 or email a word version to Many thanks Martin Dudley

Church buildings with wider community use

I (with others in my area) am interested to learn more about managing buildings that are used by the wider community. What are your experiences? Can you share your top tips? One of the group particularly wants to learn more about managing the tension of church and non church use, and of general having a busy building. My own church will have a brand new centre later this year and we have it all to learn, Can you recommend any good reading on managing buildings open in this way, church or otherwise? I would love to talk to someone with church experience who is a facilities management specialist, do you know anyone who would be willing to talk to me? Karen Coleman


Has anyone had any experience with purchasing a Defibrillator for the church?

  • Any recommendations for types of device/manufacturer (and rough cost)?
  • Any grant bodies we could apply to assist us with purchasing?
  • Are there any ongoing costs? I.e training, testing, insurance etc
  • Any tips etc?

Thanks.  Karen Ponsford

GDPR and sharing information between separate legal entities

GDPR and sharing information between separate legal entities - apologies if this has already been covered (I'm new to UCAN) but how are people dealing with the fact that the vicar and the PCC (and also for us our Pioneer ministers) are separate legal entities and therefore separate Data Controllers, but need to share information? I was thinking of covering it somehow in the consent form but cannot find anything on it in any of the guidance so would be grateful for any thoughts. Thanks.  Jacqui Piper