Lettings policy

We are in the middle of a large refurbishment project , reordering the inside of our Church of England Victorian church. We are due to reopen in November and are thinking about the use of the church building post building works. One of the drivers for the work is to make the space more flexible and to encourage community use. However that brings its only risks and rewards. I am looking for any help in putting together a briefing paper for the leadership to consider in formulating a letting policy. If you think you can help me please do contact me, any and all help welcome. Martin Dudley, Christchurch, Ware.

Building purchase and renovation help

Our church is a multi-site church that is now looking at purchasing buildings for our gatherings in the locations they are in. There are lots of pit falls and costs involved. i was wondering if there was anyone that has recent experience in buying and renovating buildings and if you have any helpful questions to ask, project plans or ideal people to get on board with helping the staff? David Fahrer

Dealing with illegal parking

Our small church car park is suffering from illegal parking by residents - particularly large vans - that is causing a nightmare for hirers and church users. The council and police can't do anything, and we have looked into parking agencies that fine unauthorised vehicles but are concerned about their enforce-ability. Is there any advice you can give us on how to stop these people parking on our land that become aggressive and violent when we confront them about parking on private property? Andreas Botzios

Making Church members into volunteers

Churches are perhaps unusual in that they do not have a clear divide between volunteers and beneficiaries - everyone is a member and does membership tasks like helping with shared meals, while only a few have formal volunteer status, such as those who take responsibility for child care. The formal registration, vetting, training and supervision that is appropriate for these Volunteers is not needed for ordinary church members, surely? So I'd be interested to know how other churches have balanced these competing priorities to create a proportionate approach that avoids frightening people off with disproportionate vetting arrangements while recognising the vital importance of keeping everyone safe. I'd be grateful for any suggestions or connections with people who have thought through these issues. Peter Bates