First Aid courses and provision?

What is required for first aid courses and how can this be arranged?

Here's an interesting article on first aid requirements for church. 

Ultimately as a church you need to make sure that your arrangements are appropriate for your environment and circumstances. Various factors will affect this. How many staff are employed? The vulnerable nature of your congregation or groups? The types of activities you run and how risky these are. How close are you to a local hospital or ambulance station? All of these should be risked assessed and an appropriate policy should be put in place. 

Whatever the policy, you should make sure that you have adequate an adequate first aid box available and an audit process for checking this, notifying use and replenishing items. An accident book / incident report book is a 'must' and this should be easily located in the church and known to all key personnel. However, once reports have been completed these should be filed safely and securely as they are confidential. Accident reports needs to be retained for a minimum of 3 years for adults, or for a child until the child as reached 21yrs (which is reaching the age of 18yrs +3). All accident reports should be analysed by an appointed person to asses whether anything is notifiable to HSE or any alterations need to be made to premises or activities. 

It is good practice for the church to have a number of qualified first aiders and depending on activities you may have a duty rota in place. This could be for Sunday services (if you deem necessary) or just for the workplace (for employed staff) or for offsite, children's groups/activities or activities involving vulnerable adults. Ideally, in all of these situations. 

Unless you deem otherwise, the basic Emergency First Aider at Work course is sufficient as this covers cuts & bleeds, resuscitation, CPR and defib, choking, seizures and emergency assessments. St John's Ambulance is a good training provider and you can train at one of their centres or organise an onsite training for your home team. If there is sufficient interest, we could look at the opportunity to organise UCAN local groups / regions to group together for training. Please do let Isabel know ( know if this would interest you. The cost of training is often circa £150 for a day long course and the qualification lasts 3 years.