Data Protection

GDPR and sharing information between separate legal entities

GDPR and sharing information between separate legal entities - apologies if this has already been covered (I'm new to UCAN) but how are people dealing with the fact that the vicar and the PCC (and also for us our Pioneer ministers) are separate legal entities and therefore separate Data Controllers, but need to share information? I was thinking of covering it somehow in the consent form but cannot find anything on it in any of the guidance so would be grateful for any thoughts. Thanks.  Jacqui Piper

GDPR and the Information Commissionar's Office

ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) Subscription re GDPR. 

Is everyone subscribing to the ICO re GDPR? I am hearing conflicting responses.

1:YES - unless you are confident you meet the exempt conditions for not-for-profit organisations.

Is anyone able to give me an example of this?

2: NO - if church only does charitable work. What are churches doing? Thanks!

Pauline Griffiths

Membership Directories

We have recently updated our website and this has a “members and friends” section where this information is now stored (which is password protected).  However, a few people are still requesting the paper copy – due to age/not computer literate/ unable to access from phones when out and about/forgetting passwords, etc.

So my question is has anyone got a solution?  – the website idea relies on people updating their own information (which 9/10 don’t bother to do!)


More importantly in the light of the GDPR changes – can we still have a paper copy of these details?  Liz Crowter