Lone Working

We give here three sources to help you prepare a 'Lone Worker Policy', part of a Health and Safety Policy that will be particularly relevant to many Church Administrators but other staff and volunteers in churches too.

The first example is of an outline policy on one side of A4, given as a risk assessment. This is based on the Suzy Lamplugh Trust PLAN system which can usefully be adapted for churches.

All Saints' Hoole Lone Worker Assessment

The second example is of a fuller policy (three sides) in the normal format for a policy of this kind.

All Saints' Eastbourne - Lone working policy

The third is a set of training notes from John Truscott's website (Training Notes TN85) which explains who might work alone in a church and the risks involved. It then gives model lists for the responsibilities of both employers and employees with advice on the contents list for an actual policy.

TN85 - Preparing a lone worker policy