Cutting Edge Residential - 2019

Booking is now live for Cutting Edge 2019!

Designed for operation staff of larger churches, we are tackling the difficulties of making the instruction to us all in Matthew 28 change from a vision to a reality.
Three key strands are being focused on - looking at the healthy combination of systems, people and strategy that make it all possible. The UK church is in a pivotal period where tools and know-how are making things possible that have never been available to use before, but which mean that pastoral sensitivity and careful implementation are all the more important.

Sam Miller from 'Open Doors' will be giving us insights from across the country and world at how churches have faced all sorts of challenges and opportunities and considers why some things worked and others didn't.
On day 2 we'll be looking at people-dynamics with Rachel Slough (The Learning Corporation) and how to enable positive changes in culture and ways of working.
A choice of seminars are lined up to enable you to choose particular areas to delve deeper into such thorny areas as GDPR, volunteers, buildings for mission, and how to completely change the way your church finances may work.

Finally, we'll be heading to understand why your shopping basket at your favourite on-line store has a lot in common with a particular verse at the end of the gospels, and what God is saying to those of us with responsibility for Operations Management in our church.

And if all that wasn't enough, we are offering opportunities for 1:1 consultancy, meeting up with local UCAN members in your area and some things you'll learn that will make you think you're part of the best church.

Don’t delay – bookings are already busy and the early bird discount finishes on 31st December 2018. Click here to book now.