Your local group would love to see you!

When an annual conference, area training days, website, written resources, distance learning and forums still don’t meet all your needs…….then we have something right on your doorstep!

As church administrators, we spend much of our time at our desks and computers.  We have a wealth of information at our fingertips, connectivity beyond our predecessors’ wildest dreams…..and yet nothing quite beats meeting up with others in similar roles nearby to exchange experiences, swap tips and solutions, and provide that very personal encouragement which only a meeting of local folk can achieve!

There are now 23 small groups on our list, located from Aberdeen to Bournemouth, from  Manchester to Kent……and more in the pipeline.  Interested?  Then please do get in touch to see if we can put you in touch with an existing group in your area.  If there isn’t (yet!), then please do let us help to identify other UCAN members in your area to see if we can get a new group up and running.  We’re happy to put you in touch with others, help to shape or provide personal input into an initial meeting to get this off the ground, and be available to advise and support thereafter.

Stop press: Coventry and Reading have emerging groups…….contact Isabel or Joyce if you’re interested in knowing more, or helping to make this happen!