Building project preparations

These notes are designed to start you off on a building project by asking the right questions before you appoint an architect.  The list starts as follows:

 1.      What is the precise need?

2.      Who are we seeking to serve?

3.      How committed are we to praying for the vision?

4.      What spaces do we need?

5.      What do we want this building to say?

6.      How flexible to we want to be for how long?

 With another six questions to provide the list of 12.


This is then followed by a listing of 12 more technical questions, six to check out potential architects and six regarding official permissions you will need.  If your church is considering any form of new build or reordering project, here is a wise way to launch the process with checklists to work through so you do not miss something vital.

Training Notes TN117, Building project preparations, are now available without charge from the Training Notes index page of John Truscott’s website.