Two sets of Training Notes have just been uploaded to John Truscott's website and circulated in the recent UCAN resources mailing.

NEW: 'Recording a voicemail message'

If you record voicemail messages on your phones or set up 'out-of-office' responses for your email, it is important to get them to do their job well, both in what they say and how they put this across.  Many churches and Christian leaders could make significant improvements by following some straightforward principles.

These notes give practical advice in:

  • The basics of recording a good voicemail message
  • The content (personal, positive, sensible, short, simple, truthful)
  • The style (natural, welcoming, varied, clear, professional)
  • Setting up an out-of-office email

If you want to create a helpful, caring impression with your messages, read Training Notes TN105, Recording a voicemail message, now available on the Training Notes page of John Truscott's website. 

NEW: 'Talk about taking time 'off''

These notes set up a discussion for Ministers and church leaders on issues to do with both 'work' and 'rest'.  They highlight the need for greater understanding of practical issues that arise for a Minister's 'day off' and a congregational leader's time outside working hours.

The following are covered:

  • Key principles (such as Sabbath, rhythm, pride, sloth)
  • What is 'work' for different groups of church members?
  • What is 'rest' (issues of sleep, relaxation, recreation, routines, relationships, discipleship)?
  • Issues for time 'off' and holidays

Each section suggests discussion questions; the notes are designed to bring out the issues for a group to work at more than to provide easy answers. 

Talk about taking time 'off', is now available at TN106 on the Training Notes page of my website.