Accredited Training Course: ‘Managing Church Well’

An exciting and engaging accredited course to equip you in your ministry of leadership and management


Leadership & Management in a Christian organisation is a marathon, not a sprint… and there are hurdles along the way. Talk of ‘vision’ and ‘mission’ often brings about a focus on the task at hand, but achieving the task requires doing the ‘people’ bit well. This is often where we fall down.

How can you manage well in a task focussed yet people orientated way, enabling relationships and effectiveness to thrive?

UCAN is delighted to introduce the UK’s first accredited Church Management course led by sought-after ILM tutor Rachel Slough.

We are hoping to run a pilot course from October 2019.

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A full list of course dates can be found here.

An information session was held for interested participants on 11th July 2019. Notes prepared for this session can be downloaded here.

An mp3 recording from part of this information session can be downloaded here.

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